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I just uploaded a game that I made over the course of the UK general election here. It's written in LibGDX and is a bit silly. Most of the graphics are photographs, mostly of politicians, that generally look a bit silly. It's just a Space Invaders clone. The theme is that the Conservative candidates were being notoriously hard to find in public debate over the course of that election - Theresa May decided that she couldn't take part in a regular debate and insisted on only taking questions from the public. In case you were wondering: I'm a Labour supporter. Ohhhh Jeremy Coooorbyn! Games that are puns are the best games.

LibGDX is pretty neat in that you can target multiple backends with it, and it's completely free and pretty simple to use.

I wanted to get more of this game done before the election was finished - for instance release an Android version with tilt controls. 

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Jun 24, 2017

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